Harmony Heritage Chorus, the Pawtucket, RI chapter of Harmony, Incorporated, an international organization of female a cappella singers specializing in the barbershop harmony style, will lead a harmony performance and workshop.   This participatory event will show how the four different voice parts – tenor, lead, baritone, and bass – work together, while showcasing the wide range of musical possibilities contained in this timeless style of a cappella singing. Female members of the audience will be invited to try out the parts and to sing with us. Both audience and participants alike will share the joy that we experience in the unadorned and seamless blending of voices and the magic that occurs when those voices “lock and ring”.

This program is free and open to the public through a sponsorship from the Friends of the Seekonk Public Library. For more information: or contact:


TIME: 6:30 – 8:00 pm


Welcome, Patti!

We are most pleased to welcome Patti Brennan as the newest and most enthusiastic member of Harmony Heritage. Patti came to us in January after her husband Mike joined the Narragansett Bay Chorus.  After being blown away by the barbershop sound, she promptly went out in search of a chorus of her own. “Why should he have all the fun?”, she said.

Patti first embraced the chorus repertoire as a Bari, and is now training as a tenor. Either way, we are delighted to have her aboard!

Patti gets pinned
President Anne Diggle officially welcomes Patti as a member of Harmony Inc.

What a Great Area 2 Convention!

Did you think a moment (or longer) of what you took away…friendships renewed and more time for exchange of ideas, for sure.

As those of us on canes were first to leave for the stage, someone said, “our Cane Chorus” and, with a ready quip, Carol Green said, “Arcane Chorus.”  If you notice how Rhode Islanders pronounce the word “Our” as “R”, you’d understand her double entendre.  Yes, we are older, but hope also better.

Harmony Heritage Director Bob'Oconnell and President Gayle Jordan accept the Betty Costellow Small Chorus Award
Harmony Heritage Director Bob’Oconnell and President Gayle Jordan accept the Betty Costellow Small Chorus Award

Can you teach an old dog..?  At Craft class I learned at least 2 new things worth considering.  Steve Tramack said he put out blank sheets of paper to be taken by members  Write one item that they liked about what the director was doing; write one item that you thought would improve the rehearsal.  No one was to sign her name.  I thought it was a good idea so that everyone would give input, not just those who easily expressed their opinions or those in leadership positions.  Everyone’s opinion  is important.

In Sandi Wright’s class – Putting the Motion in Emotion – I enjoyed listening again to how hand gestures and facial compliments could add to the meaning of the lyrics; and watching the film of famous singers such as Bette Middler.  At the Saturday night quartet performance, I enjoyed watching the Queen ‘THING’ performing expressively with her hand the crown on her wrist!

Harmony Heritage had so many members and friends working to make this Convention memorable.  Kudos to our first time HH singer and Old-Time TV decorator Cheryl Copeland-Lewis and to the excellent first time Director for the whole Area 2 audience, Bob O’Connell.  Could you tell enjoyed his job immensely? “What a Dream Can Do”!

We have been singing at Senior Citizens residences in May and June, and will be singing at the Pawsox games twice during the summer.

We were pleased to receive the Betty Costellow small chorus award for most improved singers, but if you have any suggestions to help us recruit new members, please let us know!

Dorothy Hannaford


Harmony Heritage Chorus to Host Area Competition in 2015

Photo by Best Bets Photography
Photo by Best Bets Photography

Harmony Heritage Chorus, a proud chapter of Harmony Incorporated, will host the international organization’s 2015 Area 2 Contest and Convention (AC&C).  For four days in April, the chapter will join other ladies’ choruses and quartets from all over the Northeastern US, Quebec and part of Ontario in an all a cappella competition and celebration.

The event will take place from April 23-26 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, RI, and the contests will be held on Friday and Saturday afternoons at the West Warwick High School.  Choruses and quartets with qualifying scores will go on to compete at the International Contest and Convention (IC&C) to be held in November in Verona, New York.

Harmony Heritage Chorus, under the direction of Bob O’Connell, has members hailing from all over Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.  The organization is a local chapter of Harmony, Inc., an international organization whose purpose is to empower all women through education, friendship and a cappella singing in the barbershop style. .

The chorus holds open rehearsals on Tuesday evenings from 7:15 – 9:45 PM at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on 50 Park Place in Pawtucket, RI.  Visitors are welcome to come and listen, and women are welcome to join chorus members on the risers.

For more information, contact Barbara-Ann MacIntosh at 401-560-0073,


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March 26, 2013 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Pawtucket, RI

What a blast!  Creativity reigned as we flexed our vocal muscles and put ourselves out there, many of us for the first time.  Can’t wait for the next one on Septemer 17th!  Many thanks to our judges, Downtown Crossing, and to Mike Streeter for the great photos!